More About Shine On...

Shine On is an eleven piece band, and requires ample space to set up  and perform. We use a Behringer in-ear monitor system so, no floor  monitors are required. We generally provide our own mics, stands,  snakes and cables. If the house PA is able to accommodate our inputs  we can use that. If the house PA is not able to accommodate our  inputs we can provide an ample sound system for an additional cost. 

We also have scripted and themed video that is performed with the  show if the venue can accommodate that. Generally two large screens  on the sides of the stage work well. Optimally, one large screen behind  the band and two screens on each side of the band works best. Once  we’ve received your Booking form by email we will contact you in a  timely manner to discuss pricing and details. 

Check out our latest talent deck to learn more about the band:



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